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promisereprise's Journal

Silent Hill, On The Shore Of Toluca Lake
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Silent Hill, a beautiful town located just on the shore of Toluca Lake! In this ever so peaceful city, friendly faces are brought together to party and swap stories. Located in the neighborhood on Mason street, everyone knows each other. Each person is unique in their very own special way. And this is the true essence of Silent Hill!


Cybil Bennett -
Richard Braintree - Played by postman
Douglas Cartland -
Eddie Dobrowski -
Eileen Galvin - Played by dantekirsei
Lisa Garland -
Jasper Gein -
Alessa Gillespie -
Dahlia Gillespie - Played by dantekirsei
Michael Kaufmann - Played by dantekirsei
Laura -
Harry Mason - Played by postman
Heather Morris - Played by postman
Angela Orosco -
Pyramid Head - Played by postman
Joseph Schreiber -
Frank Sunderland -
James Sunderland - Played by dantekirsei
Walter Sullivan (Jr./Sr.) - Played by postman
Henry Townshend - Played by postman
Cynthia Valasquez -
Vincent - Played by dantekirsei
Claudia Wolf - Played by dantekirsei
Leonard Wolf -